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Our Response to COVID-19 and the New Normal


We appreciate that there are lasting impacts to operations and business models resulting from COVID-19 and there is a need to embrace a sustainable approach in the way we work for the long term. In our efforts to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients, our colleagues and our community, we have adjusted to remote working using available technologies. Please be rest assured that we are fully operational and we shall continue to support our clients in visualising their designs and projects, wherever they are, from a safe distance and environment.


About Us

3D Visual, a visual production studio under The Resource Lab, creates 3D images, 360 panorama views, 3D animations and video productions.


We produce visuals for Renewable Energy industry, Oil and Gas industry, Engineering and Construction industry, Subsea Engineering companies, Architectural and Interior Design firms, Landscape and Park Development projects, Events, and Product Development. Our 3D artist takes your design and drawings, and transform the data into 3D visuals with photorealistic details. Our team’s extensive experience translates to technical accuracy in visualisation and efficiency in production. The visuals we create can effectively illustrate:

1. Construction sequence

2. How a project will look upon completion

3. Timeline of a project’s lifecycle

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Visualising your design

Visualising your project


Our Services

3D Image

Showcase snapshots of your design/project


3D images in your preferred style, from illustrative to realistic

3D images of any size and format to suit your requirements

Production ranging from architecture and interior design projects to all types of engineering projects

LNG Port - 01.jpg

3D Animation

High quality animated video for presentation to the public, the board and the investors

Commonly used for project overviews, pitches, bids or tenders

Comes with background music and can be enhanced with voiceover and full subtitle display

Production ranging from architecture and interior design projects to all types of engineering projects

Brings your project to life


Corporate Video

Presents company information, capabilities and project track records


Comes with background music and can be enhanced with voiceover and full subtitle display


Commonly used for client meetings, for posting on company websites, for playing in loops at reception areas


Our Visuals

Samples of our computer-generated imagery for various industries

360° panorama views to demonstrate the quality of our 3D visuals 

Samples of our computer-generated imagery for architectural, interior, landscape and park development projects

Computer-generated imagery for buildings



Computer-generated imagery for events

Offshore LNG Terminal Project 1.jpg

Video screenshots from our 3D Visual project for

Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal published on news medias

Barossa_Field_01 - 4K.jpg

A computer-generated imagery from our 3D Visual project for Barossa Gas Field published on news medias

Our Experience

Powerful Computer

Our people is our most important asset.


Our 3D artists are all senior professionals who have rich and wide-ranging experience in 3D rendering and animation productions. All of them have had the experience of working for professional production studios and have extensive knowledge of 3D computer graphics. They also:​​

  • have a strong understanding of architectural and engineering visualisation project requirements.

  • possess both artistic intuition and technical expertise to create visually stimulating content.

  • have proven abilities in developing high quality and lifelike images/animations.

Our collective project experience includes (but not limited to):

  • beach protection project

  • coastal monitoring project

  • port project

  • naval base project

  • airport project

  • rail freight project

  • expressway widening project

  • flyover project

  • NFA converter substation project

  • power project

  • multi-utilities complex project

  • transfer station project

  • smart grid project

  • support campus complex project

  • petrochemicals project

  • refinery project

  • storage terminal project

  • coal terminal project

  • admin and loading bay project

  • LNG terminal project

  • gas supply project

  • regasification project 

  • waste to energy project

  • desalination plant project

  • new water facility project

  • pipe-in-pipe project

  • industrial city project

  • economic zone project

  • commercial building project

  • HDB project

  • log house project

  • commercial interior design project

  • residential interior design project

  • scanner machine project

  • procurement video

  • corporate video

Animated Wave Motion by Our Artist


Our Language:

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